Art in the darkness

An artist is always looking for light. That is what we paint or photograph no matter what the subject is. The light is the energy that runs through all living things. The energy is what connects us, what animates us, and what attracts us to one another. Like flying insects are drawn to the energy given off by a light bulb so are we drawn to the energy in other living things. Like the insect, we pursue the source of the energy until our own light no longer exists.

Art is light, Light is energy,

Energy is life.

One night I was awakened by a ribbon of bright light shinning through my window, and directly across my pillow. A light stronger than any street light that's ever shone through my window. A source so far away that half the world could see the same light as me. I tried to adjust away from the light and go back to sleep but that was not to be, and so I enjoyed the show and thought how special a full moon is. It's like art in the darkness.

Above you see some of the photos of the moon I've taken over the years, from top left they are:

  1. Moon over Bordeaux, France

  2. Moon over Bar Harbor, Maine

  3. Moon over the Atlantic Ocean

  4. Thumbnail moon over Florida

  5. Eclipse of the sun over Morganton, Georgia

  6. Eclipse of the sun over Morganton, Georgia

  7. Eclipse of the sun over Morganton, Georgia

  8. Eclipse of the sun over Morganton, Georgia

  9. The sun emerging from behind the moon Morganton, Georgia


Pieces of Light

Pieces of light break up the night bringing insight about our life

Where we’ve been and where we’re going without us ever really knowing

On some level, if we dare, we can become conscience of what we see there

Truth can be found in the pieces of light that come to each of us night after night

Ask to be shown during the night, events from the past that might set things right

Accept what your given even if it’s unclear these pieces of light are not to be feared

In them you’ll find both the old and the new if your desire to learn is genuine and true. CK

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