Best in Show!

I attended one of the first spring festivals of the arts in Ormond Beach over the weekend.

I just love meeting new artists and seeing what they bring to the show. I especially love sharing the exceptionally cool stuff on the blog. So, If you are looking to buy a birthday gift or if there is a special holiday occasion coming up and you need a gift, you may find the perfect thing right here.

I have visited with each of the vendors featured here and can assure you that their products meet my standards for quality, uniqueness, and affordability. Now without further adieu here are my picks for best in show.

Number 1 - from artist and Illustrator Mary Wentzel we have World of Wentzel

I fell head over heels for Mary's art. You just have to see it to believe it so, I am going to post a picture of two of her pieces and tell you what Mary told me about her art.

She only uses 3 tiny brushes, black ink and watercolor paint.

The vibrant color comes from repeated layering of the watercolors.

Title: Key West Splendor

Fine quality, signed and numbered,

Giclee print on watercolor paper. Giclee size is 11" x 14".


Title: Mountain Memory

This is an award winner. I saw it in the art show it is not on the website but it is for sale.

Price: $1,100.00

contact Mary Wentsel

Next - we have Sewn Sassy Studio

Boy can this lady sew!

self described as,"Purveyors of unique and creative goods, for the unique and creative at heart." I would have to agree, but not only are these towels creative they are also extra large, preshrunk, bleachable, soft, and durable. Her facebook followers show pictures of their old and new towels just to show how well they hold up.

And there is LOTS to choose from.

Then I was drawn to"The Best Bird Houses in the World" Here is a picture of my favorite bird house and the gentleman who built it Daniel T Biringer

This Cedar house is filled with special features like brass nails and copper adornments, trap doors, and squirrel proofing. You could call it a designer home for birds!

There are lots more styles to choose from but this one is the cat's meow!

Oh, Oh, Boho Clothes

I couldn't get here fast enough. Freak n' Chic has the cutest Bohemian style clothing and she makes them!!!! Follow her on Facebook

and on Instagram

And for a special treat here is a look at the sunrise through the lens of professional photographer Jonna Royer aka JJ from Ormond Beach Florida

JJ loves beauty as do I so it is only fitting that I share her amazing sunrises with you here.

Treat yourself, visit this page.

Follow her on,


This booth had the most pleasant vibe. The fiber arts are soft and smooth. The colors are subtle and calming.

Manifold Witness is an Etsy store.

Enter here

Thank you for reading my blog post. Keep looking for beautiful things, til next time.

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