By the Sea

Life by the sea is full of ocean breezes and the smell of salt water and sometimes the smell of fish. I have always found the ocean waves soothing and reassuring. The sun as it rises in the distance reflects off the ripples in the water before they become waves and crash upon the sandy shore only to recede back into the ocean. The repetitive nature of the rolling waves is hypnotic. Before long my breathing is slow and steady and my heart is open, this is when inspiration comes. The poem below came to me in one of these moments.


The Ocean of Love and Mercy

From the Ocean of Love and Mercy on the waves that touch the shore millions of souls search for the door where they may touch earth’s solid floor.

Cloaked in dark clothing and shoulder-to-shoulder they march tirelessly for all of eternity. Not male or female not young or old the soul awaits the body betrothed.

And on that day, the day of birth it shall cross the threshold into earth.

There to greet it with all their best are unrecognizable souls cloaked in flesh.

Seeking that from which he came but forced to play the earthly game the soul lets out a silent sigh and the baby cries his first real cry. CK


My house is on the Halifax River....

but it's only 700 steps to the Atlantic Ocean!

So, what are we waiting for? Take a walk with me....

I hope you enjoyed visiting the beach with us. You got a glimpse of my English Cream Golden Retriever in the video, his name is Sporty. You will be seeing a lot more of that little sweetie. After Sporty’s bath, it’s happy hour on the dock 🥃

My next blog post will feature the changing of the leaves in Blue Ridge Ga. It’s fall y’al! See ya soon, Cee

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