Fin Fin, Fin Fin and more Fins!

Updated: Feb 5

This morning the bottle nosed dolphins decided to put on quite a show right in my backyard. I don't know who spotted the first fin but soon all of us were staring out the window yelling," there he is" or "there's two..." in a flash I grabbed my camera and Sporty and I were out the door . Soon, both of us were standing on the edge of the dock watching in amazement as a herd or pod of dolphin played at the surface of the water. They splashed wildly, came in and out of the water flopped their tails and just had a good ole time. Sporty was mesmerized but so was I. After the feeding frenzy or whatever calmed down they stuck around and preformed a lovely synchronized swimming ballet for us. It was magical, and to think, of all the miles and miles of intracoastal waterway they stopped here. It is a beautiful, energetic world and I am so glad I was here to see it. I am glad I can share it with you. Keep your eyes open, there is beauty everywhere.

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