The Art of Caring

The art of caring may be the most immersive, beautiful, and powerful art a human being is capable of, and all of us are capable.

The critics of Mother Teresa claim that she did nothing to change the circumstances of those she ministered to. Unfortunately, we all see the world from our own perspective, we all judge the actions of others through our own value system. Mother Teresa's mission was to care for those who were hurting. She did not go to provide medical services, medical supplies, or to improve living conditions. Although all of that was needed , she went with the intention of giving the sick and dying of Calcutta the experience of being cared for. She gave them love, she touched them in a kind and gentle way, she looked into their eyes and smiled. She talk to them as if they meant something. I believe she did change the circumstances of those she ministered to, let me tell you why.

I began researching this world famous care giver after my own experience recently in a local hospital emergency room. Like many in Mother Teresa's ministry I was hurting and in need of medical attention. Unlike those in her ministry I had access to care. For whatever reason on that day, the care and attention I needed was not forthcoming. As time passed and my illness made me weaker and more vulnerable I began to fall apart. I found myself in tears literally begging to be shown some consideration, but nothing, only cold blank eyes stared back at me as I cried, only orders to return to the glass sequestered waiting room where I sat alone for hours. They gave no reason for this, offered no condolence, showed no sympathy. It wasn't just one staff member either it was all of them. The intake nurse, who while blocking the doorway with his own body and backed up by two security officers told me I was free to leave anytime "you're not in jail," he said, even though appearances would suggest otherwise. The man at the front desk whom I asked why everyone in the waiting room had been seen before me responded with a huff and whined, m'am, "they were all fast tracked, we will get to you" and then ordered me back into the glass room. The PA who out of frustration spoke to me only once to repeat the nurses question. I could not hear well enough to answer and I couldn't speak loud enough to be heard. I was trying, but they had no patience with me. I went in feeling physically devastated but came out emotionally bludgeoned. Not one kind word was spoken, not one kind gesture made, not a single attempt to comfort what they could clearly see was a suffering patient. It was frightening. I had come for help but unknowingly walked into an emergency room full of detached, uncaring automatons.

Oh how different that experience could have been if only I had met with just one person who cared. We need each other. The good energy that transfers between us is like an invisible transfusion giving us strength. We all have the ability to pass along our good energy, all you have to do is care.

I posted on Facebook at the time all this was happening. I didn't think of that post as a cry for help but maybe it was. To my surprise caring friend after friend took the opportunity to support me, to care. When I saw the responses to my post, I remember a lightening in my chest and a small

smile breaking across my lips. I was connecting with people who care and even though those people were far from me physically their good energy transcended the distance and made me me feel better. People who care are artists of the highest order, because they practice the art of caring.

The Art of caring connects with the recipient instantly. It triggers a feeling of calm and warmth. It lessens fear, opens the door to acceptance, and brings us peace by simply letting us know that we are not alone.

The holidays are here and money is being spent on gifts for young and old. It is a wonderful season and we enjoy spoiling our friends and family with attention. We use gifts to convey our message of caring. The gifts are fun, but it is the message that is important.

I hope you never think of yourself as a non artist because anyone can practice the life changing art of caring. It doesn't cost a thing, and can be given anytime of year.

My very best wishes for a

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season


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