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There comes a time in life when we don’t “need” a lot more stuff and shopping seems much less important and less fun than it used to be. Now, I shop for the stuff I need like food and self care products. The things I want like cool tech, and art supplies, then there are things I need to buy for other people, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and other special occasion gifts. I don’t go to shopping centers anymore, instead I've become an Amazon super shopper! I can spend hours searching for something special and have often thought about sharing some of my cool finds.

I looked into that idea a little further and here’s what I l found. I can be an Amazon affiliate. That means I can post about things I see on my shopping sprees and include an affiliate link that will take you to that very item.

Now for the really cool part, if you click on the link in my blog or on my social media pages, for the next 24 hours I will receive commission on anything you purchase. It doesn’t have to be the product I featured in the post either. The commission is small actually very small, but as it adds up it could help offset the cost of my website, which doesn’t generate any income. Another awesome thing is Amazon pays the commission not you so, an affiliate link is free for me to included in my post and free for you to use.

So how can we make the most of this situation? Let’s start with what I want to do for you. I am working on curated lists of items. I’ll show you things I use and love. I’ll introduce you to cool artists who sell one of a kind handmade items. I’ll search high and low for unique items that will surprise and delight you. I will help you find the perfect thing for yourself or your friend, and because it’s Amazon you‘ll get the best price, fast free delivery and if you need it, the best customer service. So what are we waiting for? My first list is below. It's ideas for Father's Day gifts. Hope you enjoy this little extra at The Art of Living by Cindy Keen.

Father's Day Gift Suggestions


Oh Yeah, Dad's sporting a beard? Well this is on sale and there is a coupon for $5.00 off. He's gonna love it.

Father's Day is a chance to prepare for lots of fun times with dad this summer. Pack your food and drinks in this Carhartt cooler and head out for an adventure. You won’t be disappointed with over 30,000 five star reviews this is sure to be a gift that pleases. Comes in navy, tan, grey and black.

Dual compartment insulated cooler made of heavy duty fabric with Rain Defender durable water repellent

Insulated main compartment keeps food and drinks cool and is large enough for a 6-pack

Separate insulated top compartment for additional food storage; front zippered pocket for utensils

Does dad cook on the grill?

Is he really into it? Then he needs this. I bought this for a family member at Christmas and had the pleasure of being a dinner guest when my brother in law used the rub. I can attest friend, dad will love it and so will you!

Dad love books? Every topic for every interest can be found at Audible. I have been a member of Audible since 2006. They have consistently been the best source for recorded books on the internet. Also, they prioritize customer service. If you get a book you just don’t like stop listening and pick something else.

Every gift membership includes:

The Plus Catalog: the all-you-can-listen catalog including thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and originals

1 credit a month good for any title in the app to keep forever

All the best audio entertainment, all in one free app

  • 1 month

  • $15.00

  • 3 months $45.00

  • 6 months $90.00

  • 12 months $150.00

Bee cool DaddyO

It’s everything you need to get into

bee keeping from the Hoover Hives company. 85% of purchasers have given this product 5 star ratings and most reviews speak to the high quality of the product. At the time of this writing they are offering a 12% discount bring the total down to an amazing 149.00. Now’s the time to give this popular hobby a try.

Is dad a GAMER? Would he like this mechanical gaming

keyboard? It has a rainbow backlit typewriter keyboard with a removable hand rest. There are 104 anti-ghosting keys plus an quick-responsible black switch for PC, laptop and computer.


Because they are the best! You can't go wrong with RayBan. If Dad is an outside kinda guy, he will love these.

Only dad knows what dad wants?

This is where the gift giving get good. Maybe dad would like to subscribe to Amazon's 90 million songs in Amazon music or maybe he wants to pick out just the right fishing lures. Whatever he wants Amazon's got it, and when he finds out you got this well, let's just say it's a win win!

Made in the shade dad

I bought this Cool Cabana in May of this year and let me tell you it is a marvel of engineering. Simple to raise and to lower. Sand pockets on the bottom corners weigh down the tent and prevent wind from interfering. There is even cell phone pockets high up on each fabric corner. Now for the amazing part, I can carry, raise, lower and replace the Cool Cabana in it's carrying case without help! This thing is the bomb, but don't

buy a knockoff, all cabanas are not

created equal.

Rough and tough til bedtime kinda guy

Does dad camp? 30,550 people have reviewed this product and they love it. Seems camping, even in a tent doesn't have to be uncomfortable.

There you have it friends, my list of 10 Father's Day gift suggestions. Hope this helps you in your search for the perfect gift for dad. A BIG THANK YOU for using one of my affiliate links to do your Amazon shopping. Remember, you don't have to buy the item listed for the affiliate link to pay off. You will be supporting The Art of Living blog when you enter Amazon through one of these links regardless of what you ultimately purchase.

note: the discounts and coupons mentioned in this post are time sensitive and were in effect at the time of this posting but could be discontinued at any time by the seller.


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